Thursday, September 14, 2006

Eastern Repousse

Yay! A new class! I've been waiting to take Victoria's Eastern Repousse class for a good long while now. She only offers it every couple of years, so Monday night when we all gathered for our first lesson, everyone was excited to be there.

I took a 4 day session in Chasing and Repousse last fall with Valentin Yotkov. His studio is in Brooklyn, New York, but occasionally will travel to give workshops. This photo shows what I was able to accomplish in that class. It was the design given to all beginners.

It's very rough, but gives you an idea of what chasing and repousse is. Basically, a piece of metal (usually silver or copper)is placed in what is called a pitch bowl and then a design is pounded out in the metal using forming tools and a hammer. Work is done on both sides of the metal. I remember it causing a bit of neck strain, so I'll be sure to sit properly this time around.

I'm hoping to make a cuff bracelet with some kind of design on it, but that might be a bit much for a beginner. Perhaps something smaller to start would be a better plan!