Friday, March 23, 2007

Shiny Toys

Ta-Daaaaaa! My copper bowl is finished. Okay, you're probably saying, "So what?" Well, if this was as big as my round copper stew pot from William's Sonoma, you would surely be impressed. But we all have to start somewhere, right?

It's hard to believe this little bowl (which is holding dog treats now on the kitchen counter) took so long to make. It started from a flat sheet of copper. With all the hammering on that innocent piece of metal, I thought I'd kill it...or at least form a hole in it with all the banging necessary to make a bowl shape. But it just kept on changing and warping as I went along. Once the bowl was formed into the shape I was happy with, I continued to finish with a forging hammer over and over and over, around and around and around, until it was as smooth as it can possibly be. Phew! I hope I have some new muscles from this. :)

In the pendant below (more forging and forming), I used what I learned in the John Cogswell workshop to form it. It's rather plain and simplistic, but the twist in the metal gives it a little personality. It also holds my sunglasses quite nicely. :)