Friday, October 05, 2007

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

I haven't been blogging much recently due to being gone for 2 weeks helping out with the Music at the Crossroads first American tour. We picked them all up in Boston over 2 weeks ago with a Uhaul trailer and 2 extra cars, and then drove to Concord, New Hampshire. This was their first ever performance in the United States, so everyone was both excited and nervous at the same time. I knew after the first song the audience loved them. Clapping, hooting, foot stamping and a standing ovation! It was great!

The next day we drove to Woodstock, Vermont (gorgeous little town) and set up for that evening's show. Again, the audience was thrilled by their performance. Here's a little snippet from one of their shows.

After Vermont, it was a long drive with a couple of stops along the way before we got to Lousiville, Kentucky for a Performing Arts Exchange Conference. They played 12 times in 3 days. People were coming up to me saying that the word on the street was that this was the group to see! It was all quite exciting  and tons of fun. These musicians and dancers are the BEST!!! They're not only super talented, they're simply a great bunch of people - kind, sweet, funny and a joy to be with.