Saturday, March 05, 2011

Every Good Boy Does Fine

Michael Good came to Atlanta recently to share his knowledge and skills with a group of us from the Georgia Goldsmith’s Group.  He gave a five-day workshop in Anticlastic Metal Forming, which was an amazing experience.
Michael's skills as a goldsmith are well known and respected.  He studied under the famous Heikki Seppa, from Finland (same as my teacher, Julia Woodman did).   His jewelry forms are like small pieces of sculpture - full of fluidity and movement.  

Michael gave us numerous demonstrations on how to turn metal one way, hammer it, then turn it another way and hammer some more, twist it, untwist it and form our metal into lovely, flowing designs.  We were encouraged to learn and master his techniques, and to then use those tecnhiques to come up with new and interesting designs of our own.  

Our first assignment was learning how to make a hyperbolic paraboloid.  Do you think I spelled that right?  This started from a perfect square, flat piece of copper.  

Terry & Mary, hard at work.

This bracelet is a challenging project to attempt:

Of course, Michael made it all look easy, which it certainly is not.  

Here is a photo of an earring I would love to be able to make someday:

Come back soon, Michael!  This was an excellent workshop and I'm looking forward to being in another one with you again soon.