Friday, July 08, 2011

The Making of a Cuff Bracelet (Repousse/Chasing)

Before I began my cuff bracelet in silver, I did a demo in copper.  Even though it took hours making the demo cuff, I learned so much and it was well worth the time and effort in order to save me from making the same mistakes in silver.  Gia is a wonderful teacher and was able to walk me through every step of this process.  

After chasing the design on the front of the piece, this is how the design appeared after the first attempt at repousse (the pushing out of the metal from the back side.)

Here we have more definition.  I've done the necessary chasing on the front and more repousse from the back, and it's just about done!

I decided to use a half round wire that will form the outside edge of the cuff.  I then textured the background before cutting off the extra silver around the edge, and filing for a smooth edge.

It's now time to form the cuff on a mandrel, very, very carefully.  I was nervous that I would cause a crease in the metal, so first used a wooden mandrel and then finished with a steel mandrel.

It's finished!  I'm really happy with the results!  Thank you, Gia!


  1. Very cool bracelet, Mom! I love it!

  2. Very well made photos. I am a pro photographer and I salute your talent. I have a lot of similar jewelry photos in my portfolio. My photo blog is here. Enjoy and have a nice day!

  3. Nice blog and thats really cute.I am a pro photographer and I salute your talent.Enjoy and have a nice day!thanks for sharing this blog post.

  4. Where did you buy your supplies and tools to do this bracelet? And if you don't mind me asking how much was it to make?

  5. Hello Anonymous,

    I bought some tools and made some myself. I purchased the items from many different sources and can't remember what the costs were. You might want to take a class yourself. It's the best way to learn how to do this. : )