Sunday, October 29, 2006

It's Howl-O-Weenie Time

Imagine a park filled with little dachshunds in all sizes and colors on a gorgeous fall day playing games with their owners...and most of them in costume! The very first contest involved the wee ones wearing all kinds of creative attire. Here are our own little chorizo dogs, as well as the one dressed as a chicken. :)

The Howling contest followed. This is Andy with his owner. Andy sang his little heart out and the crowd loved him.

There was a kissing contest (blech!) where the number of licks the pup gave it’s owner were counted in a 30-second interval. Very gross – me being never one to want doggy tongue on my face (or lips!). Then came the doggie dash. Poor Hannah was clueless about what to do and just wandered around the field. But it was such a hoot to watch!

I had never seen myself as one of those dog people who would attend such an event, but I'll now admit it was a ton of fun. Just watching these little weiner dogs in costumes kept us laughing the whole time. Especially our own. :)


  1. Ahhhhh! The little Mexican one looks real cute. I used to have a long haired dax as a child, and your doggie posts remind me of him!

  2. What cute little sausages! I miss them--I need a chorizo dog of my own!