Wednesday, October 11, 2006


It's been a beautiful fall day here in Georgia. Sunny and slightly cool with a pleasant breeze blowing the first of the leaves off the trees. It's getting dark outside earlier now, as well, which I'm always ready for. It's a true toss up between fall and spring, but I think this just may be my favorite time of year. What a perfect day to try out Karina's Black Bean & Sweet Potato Enchiladas! I would have never imagined combining sweet potatoes with black beans, so it's a good thing we have people like Karina around whose creativity knows no bounds.

When I first saw this recipe posted on her blog, "Gluten Free Goddess," it looked a little complicated. But it isn't. Once you get all the ingredients together, it's actually very simple...and quite tasty! Next time I will make a bit more of the sauce, though, and add a touch more goat cheese to each enchilada. As Karina suggested, I served this alongside a green salad with some mandarin oranges, and threw some dried cranberries and nuts on the top. This is a great meal for my vegetarian daughter. Can't wait to try it out on her when she's in town. :)

Recently I've been working on a filigree pendant while taking a break from all the pounding on metal involved with Repousse. You truly need to take time off every now and then or your neck/shoulder muscles will begin to scream. Here's a sterling silver pendant with a blue Kyanite stone and a cultured freshwater pearl I just finished. Because it is so small (about the size of a quarter), I've decided to use a purchased chain (oh, such guilt!) instead of trying to make a chain that would be small enough to look right. I truly don't think anyone will mind! :)


  1. Beautiful necklace!!! I love it. Do you sell your pieces?

    That recipe does look delicious; I'll have to try that this weekend if I have time!

  2. Hi Kathy! Thanks for trying [and blogging about] the Sweet Potato & Black Bean Enchiladas.

    And your latest work is beautiful!

  3. Yum! That makes me want to come visit right now! Looks much tastier than the green bean casserole and vegetarian kielbasa-dogs I served for dinner last night.
    Beautiful new necklace, mum! It's super pretty.

  4. Hi Mappy! Glad you like it. I haven't gotten around to selling yet, but it's on the horizon...possibly. :)

    Thanks, Karina! Loved the enchiladas -- now I want to try your other enchilada recipes!

    Jess -- vegetarian kielbasa dogs? Wow! I didn't know they existed! :)

  5. I tried the enchilada recipe after reading about it on your blog. They were SO YUMMY! And btw, your new necklace is beautiful.

    Veggie kielbasa dogs -- I think that sounds sketchy at best, I better talk to Jess!

  6. Wow, Michelle! I'm thrilled that you made Karina's enchiladas. They were good, weren't they? I'm going to try her chicken enchiladas next.