Saturday, August 25, 2007

Feelin' Crafty

It was just by chance that I found out a neighbor of mine makes jewelry. So while walking the pups last week, I saw her outside and immediately went over to introduce myself. I said, "I heard you make do I!" She said she does make jewelry and she also sews. "So do I," I replied. We continued talking, got on the subject of our book clubs and she said she makes her book club friends bookmarks every year. Is this person living my life? I told her about the article I wrote for Wire Wrap Jewelry Magazine about how to make sterling silver bookmarks (on stands September 11th) and she told me she made some cute ones from old photographs and fabrics. I couldn't wait to see them.

On Wednesday she came by and I've been a busy little bee ever since. Yes, it's terribly early to be thinking of Christmas gifts already, but I don't enjoy being rushed during the holidays. By making gifts now, I'm enjoying the whole process... sifting through the fabrics, the photos and the quotes...scanning, printing, cutting and sewing. I'm wondering if I should add some embellishments. Perhaps a little ribbon, or buttons or a charm or two. Haven't decided yet about that...but hey, I've got plenty of time. These are just two of the six I've made so far.


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