Sunday, April 02, 2006

Latest Bloomin' Creation

Phew! The pin took longer than anticipated. Anytime you add bezels and stones to a piece, it's going to take a bit least in my opinion. Here's the finished pin for Jessica's shawl (Sterling Silver with Amber, Jade & Garnet):

I can't imagine how it's going to stay in the shawl without falling out, even though I made the sterling silver straight pin part kind of squiggly for that very purpose. Susan suggested I make another one similar to the hair clips used in the past - the kind with a little stick that grabs the hair and slips through a rectangular base. It would be cute to attach the stick to the main clip with a little chain, as well. Holy Canoli! How many of these darn shawl pins can one person make???


  1. Ooh, pretty pretty! I'm so excited, I am going to have such a beautiful array of shawl pins! Maybe I should make some more shawls.
    It is so lovely, I can't wait to see it in person. Thank you, Mom!

  2. Oh - that is lovely!!!! And hey - my daughter's name is Jessica as well! lol. Mine is 17. :)

  3. That is truly a beautiful pin! Your [lovely] daughter is one lucky daughter!