Saturday, April 29, 2006

Quilt it. Quilt it good.

Elaine is an incredible quilter (and she has most organized quilting room I've ever seen). Yesterday was Amy Strickland's wedding shower and Elaine presented her with a pillow she had made from the photo on Amy's wedding website. How cute is that? Made me want to pull out my sewing machine and start quilting again! Ed better keep an eye on me because I could take over all the upstairs bedrooms and he wouldn't even know it. This room for quilting, this room for jewelrymaking, this room for...

Upon returning home, I decided to finish up the earrings I'd started on Friday afternoon. The original plan had pearls hanging from the bottom, but I decided blue chalcedony beads would be better.
They are quite long - measuring a whopping 4 inches from the very tip top of the ear wire to the bottom of the bead, but are very light and delicate. I'm happy with how they turned out.

Just watching Amy open the quilted pillow reminded me that it's time for me to make something for my mother, who has been waiting patiently for a handmade gift from me for far too long. These earrings would be too large for her, but I think I can design something more appropriate and get it to her by Mother's Day. I better get busy!


  1. Those are some incredible earrings! Hmm, I can think of someone who'd like to wear those sometime.... But did the plant appreciate those puncture wounds? Ouch!

  2. Actually, I was thinking about how perfect these earrings would look on you with your long brown hair. :)

    The plant LOVES all the attention...really!

  3. wow, those earrings are beautiful. I mean, I love all the jewelry you show on your blog, but those I immediately pictured on me! Keep up the gorgeous work, I love seeing it!

  4. hi, i just came across your site: your jewelery work is amazing! i love these earrings! i'm looking forward to exploring the rest of the blog...


  5. Hey Jackie & Jill -- I really appreciate your comments. I'm starting to feel slightly more confident about my metalsmithing skills (after over 2 years of classes), so your positive feedback is really very helpful to me.

    Keep stopping by!